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Welcome To New Bhojon Caterers

Since 2006, New Bhojan Caterers has been providing outstanding catering services in Kolkata. We are known as one of the best Bengali caterers in Kolkata because of our great food and top-notch service. With years of experience, we are known for being the best caterers in Kolkata.
Our catering team includes amazing chefs, each skilled in making a variety of dishes. Our repertoire extends beyond borders, encompassing both international delicacies and local favorites. That’s what has made us one of the most famous and leading caterer in Kolkata.
Transform your event into an unforgettable experience with our exceptional catering services in Kolkata. Get in touch with New Bhojan Caterers today!
Our Vision –
We want to make our clients really happy by serving them amazing food that goes above what they hoped for. We want to be the ones they rely on to make their events awesome.
Our Mission –
Our goal is to give you the best food ever, always fresh and top-notch service, so every time you choose us, it’s an incredible experience.

New Bhojon
Professional Caterer Service in Kolkata

We offer Food caterer services in Kolkata for various events like Weddings, Receptions, Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties, Mocktail Parties, Government Events, and more. Our primary focus is on the quality of food that we serve our guests as we know that with good food, we can build customer relationships which will last for a lifetime. 

New Bhojon Catering Services in Kolkata began in 2006 and we have covered a long journey since then, making a long list of happy customers. Meanwhile, we have teamed with the best professional chefs and management specialists in the industry, to offer you flawless Catering Services at your event. Our team specializes in offering Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian dishes from Indian, Mughlai, Continental, and Chinese cuisines.

How we started Our Journey as a popular caterer in Kolkata?

Inspired by our love for Bengali food and its amazing flavors, we set out on a mission to share Bengal’s rich food culture with everyone. We noticed that people today want food that’s both healthy and delicious. So we introduced New Bhojan Caterer as a place where you can get nutritious and tasty Bengali dishes.

Our goal is to change how catering services are arranged in Kolkata by offering top-notch Bengali food that’s unmatched in style and quality.

Why are We among The Famous Bengali Caterers in Kolkata?

Welcome to New Bhojon Caterer, where we want you to enjoy the delicious tastes of Bengal. Located in the heart of Kolkata, a city known for its amazing food, we’re here to keep the tradition alive by serving mouthwatering dishes that truly represent Bengali cuisine.

When you think of Bengali food, you might imagine sweet desserts, aromatic spices, and flavorful dishes. At New Bhojan Caterer, we are experts at bringing these flavors to your table. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, a birthday, or a business event, we believe that great food is key to making any gathering unforgettable.

Innovation meets Tradition

Our chefs take classic Bengali dishes and give them a modern touch, mixing different spices and methods to make delicious flavors. Even though we love the comfort of homemade food, our talented chefs make every event special with their creative and authentic dishes. It is this commitment to being the one of the finest bengali caterers in Kolkata that makes people think highly of us.

How we are different from all Bengali Wedding Caterers in Kolkata?

Selecting the perfect catering service entails considering various factors such as menu variety, budget, and food quality. Here’s why we stand out as one of the popular caterers in Kolkata: –

Unmatched Quality and Variety

We focus on making sure our food is nutritious, high-quality, and tasty, meeting the preferences of health-conscious customers without sacrificing flavor. Our menu has a wide range of options to suit different tastes, including traditional Bengali favorites and various Indian cuisines, making sure there’s something for everyone at your event.

Affordable Choices

We understand that sticking to a budget is important. Our prices are set to fit different budgets while still giving you top-notch food. People appreciate that we offer excellent catering services at reasonable prices, making us a popular choice for affordable catering in Kolkata.

Skilled Cooking Team

Our team includes talented Bengali chefs known for their creative recipes, bringing the authentic flavors of Bengal to your event. Our experienced caterers are great at both buffet and table service, making sure everything goes smoothly and looks fantastic. With their skills, we always provide an amazing dining experience, earning us a reputation as food service experts.

Real Bengali Tastes

We stand out by using genuine spices and high-quality ingredients, capturing the essence of Bengal’s rich food culture. We’re dedicated to keeping traditional recipes alive, so every dish tastes like true Bengali cuisine, making us leaders in Kolkata’s catering scene.

Customized Wedding Menus

Weddings are special, so we create custom wedding menus that fit our clients’ tastes and budgets perfectly. From appetizers to desserts, our meals and live mocktail counters offer guests a delightful food experience, making us the top choice for weddings in Kolkata.

Dedication to Excellent Service

We are committed to going above and beyond for our customers, not just with great food but also with cleanliness and safety. We keep our kitchens spotless and package food carefully. Whether you prefer live cooking or sit-down meals, we make sure your event is personal and perfect for celebrating with loved ones.

New Bhojan Caterer is best caterer in South Kolkata and North Kolkata

Best Bengali caterers in Kolkata –

New Bhojan Caterers are among the best Bengali caterers in Kolkata, known for their exceptional service and mastery in preparing and offering the most lip-smacking Bengali delicacies, showcasing the diverse and rich vegetarian and non-vegeterian dishes of Bengal.

Vegeterian caterers in kolkata –

If you are in search of the best veg caterers in Kolkata, you are at the right place. New Bhojan Caterers stands out as the best vegeterian caterer in Kolkata now serving you the most unique and flavorful veg items staright from their kitchen.

Non veg food caterers in kolkata –

New-Bhojan Caterer Company is among the best non-veg caterers in Kolkata due to its years of expertise, excellent cleint reviews, professional catering services, and tasty foods. Their extensive menu includes both veg and non-veg dishes, so there is something for everyone.

Multi cuisine caterer –

Our extensive menu includes dishes from multiple cuisines, creating an tasteful and quality multi-cuisine dining experience for all. Our menu including local Bengali cuisine, Indian cuisine, & International cuisine makes us a renowned multi-cuisine caterer in Kolkata today.

New Bhojon
New Bhojon

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