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স্বাদের তৃপ্তি পরিবেশনের গুনে – দক্ষ, প্রশিক্ষিত সর্বোপরি অভিজ্ঞ ভোজন কর্মীরা আপনার অনুষ্ঠানে তৈরী স্বাদের উপাচার সাজিয়ে।

Birthday Parties

Here’s New Bhojan Caterer for the best Birthday Catering Services in Kolkata

Looking for birthday party caterers in Kolkata? Look no further than New bhojan caterers! Birthday parties bring joy to families of all ages, and great food makes them even better.

Thinking of celebrating a loved one’s birthday? It’s essential to ensure everyone, especially the birthday person, enjoys the food. Here comes the importance of hiring reliable and reputed birthday caterers. At New Bhojan Caterer, we specialize in finger-licking dishes that will make your celebration unforgettable.

We understand our clients’ preferences and offer customized menus to suit their needs. Planning a child’s birthday? We excel at delighting toddlers and their friends with our creative food and presentation. Trust us to make your birthday party a delicious success! We have gained prominence as the best caterer for birthday party in Kolkata and we ensure to never disappoint our valued clients when it comes to the quality or food.

New Bhojon

Our Birthday Party Catering Service Includes

Customised Cakes

A fantastic custom birthday cake can make the party even more special! And we ensure the tastiest and softest birthday cakes exactly the way to want. With our expertise in making cakes, we ensure to create perfect customised cakes to meet your desires and expectations for the special day.

Customised Cupcakes

Cupcakes are in trend now especially in birthday parties. Cupcakes are loved by kids specially, which makes people come up with customised cupcakes orders as well. We are experts in this as well. Share your cupcake requirements and let us create the same with perfection. Look no further and reach us for catering for children’s birthday party now!

Appetizer for birthday party

Just cakes and cupcakes aren’t enough for a birthday party menu. You would need some snacks and appetizers as well. When discussing your birthday party catering menu with the caterers, make sure to list out the appetizers you want.

Finger food catering for birthday parties

Finger foods are in trend when it is all about birthday party. We are experts in making some of the yummiest and most-demanding finger food items for birthday parties. You can check our list or you can order any of your choice.

Birthday party snacks

We have plenty of birthday party snacks items that not only kids will enjoy but the adults will also love. You can include any of those or you can even share your ideas or item names while placing your birthday party catering order. We ensure to offer the best in terms of quality and taste.

Why Choose New Bhojan Caterer as your birthday party catering service provider?

Food plays a very important role in every occasion, particularly in birthday celebrations. Hence, selecting the best catering for birthday party is crucial. Opting for New Bhojan Caterer is a wise choice, especially for those seeking the best birthday party catering in Kolkata. Their impeccable service and delectable offerings make them stand out in the market of birthday party food catering services in the city.

Quality Food : –

Being a reliable and renowned service provider of food catering for birthday parties, we are dedicated to both quality and taste, using only the freshest, high-quality ingredients in our food preparation. Our specialty lies in serving top-notch food, never compromising on quality. With reliable suppliers providing us with fresh ingredients, we ensure that your guests enjoy delicious as well as healthy food. Trust us for exceptional birthday party food catering services.

Delicious food: –

Making delicious food is an art, and our chefs are masters at it. We guarantee to serve your guests with unforgettable dishes. As one of the top birthday caterers in Kolkata, we strive to meet all your needs and delight the taste buds of your family and guests. Trust us for exceptional catering services for birthday party.

Hygiene Maintained: –

We pay extra attention to hygiene when preparing and serving your food, especially in light of current concerns. We strictly adhere to all Covid-19 catering protocols, ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Our team follows proper sanitization measures throughout the food preparation process, giving you peace of mind regarding hygiene.

Birthday Buffet Catering: –

We have our birthday buffet catering service option that includes a delicious and vast spread of food items for the special day. From yummy appetizers to tasty desserts, we include a wide range of options ensuring to meet the taste and expectations of all.

New Bhojon
New Bhojon

Pocket Friendly catering for birthday party at home: –

New Bhojan Caterer offers a diverse range of menu options and catering packages perfect for small gatherings at home. Our catering services for birthday parties in Kolkata ensure a lively atmosphere with our unique cuisines and attentive service. Birthday celebrations are eagerly anticipated by all age groups, as they bring together loved ones for a memorable occasion. Our catering for birthday party at home guarantees top-notch food and service, essential ingredients for a successful celebration. Make your birthday catering at home truly special with us,ensuring a cheap catering for birthday party as well as offering a fantastic party experience at the same time.

We provide small birthday party catering: –

We offer a variety of meal alternatives and catering designs for birthday parties or small gatherings at home, catering to different tastes like Indian, Chinese, and Mexican cuisines. From traditional dishes to innovative creations, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise lies in the fast food industry, providing simple yet delicious meals, snacks, drinks, and juices for various occasions, including birthdays, kitten parties, and festival celebrations. Trust us for unbeatable catering food ideas for birthday parties. We ensure to offer the best catering for 1st birthday parties as well as the best catering for 21st birthday parties.

Customized Menu option: –

Whether you want Chinese, Continental, or Bengali cuisine in your kids birthday party catering, we have got you covered with our diverse food options. Our menu is not limited to only Indian food catering for birthday parties. Our skilled team effortlessly crafts dishes from various cuisines. Additionally, we provide birthday party catering package menus for convenience. Planning a themed party? Customize your menu to match the theme seamlessly. We have ample of kids birthday party catering ideas to align with your unique needs.

birthday party catering menu with price

Book our birthday party catering services in Kolkata Now

Guest Size Menu 1 Menu 2 Menu 3 Menu 4 Menu 5 Menu 6 Menu 7 Menu 8 Menu 9 Menu 10 Menu 11 Menu 12
100 to 200 930 970 830 750 780 850 850 1050 980 1000 1050 1100
200 to 350 890 940 790 690 740 790 820 890 940 950 1010 1040
350 to 500 850 910 760 670 720 770 800 870 920 930 990 1020
500 to 700 800 880 730 640 700 750 780 850 900 910 970 1000


We serve our food with care and joy. Seeing your guests enjoy our dishes brings us happiness. Our dedication to honesty and perfection has made us one of Kolkata’s most recognizable names in the birthday buffet catering market.

We understand the challenges of organizing a birthday party and handling the catering. With us, you can relax knowing that food is completely our responsibility. We have the best catering ideas for birthday party and we ensure to implement the bestest one to go beyond your expectations.

Make your special day even more memorable with our high-quality and inviting kids birthday party catering services in Kolkata. You can contact us to know our birthday party catering prices and packages and for further details and booking arrangements.

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