Best Caterers for Corporate Parties in Kolkata

New Bhojon is one of the Best Caterers for Corporate Parties and Events in Kolkata. As a trusted partner to some of the most prestigious global corporations, we know what it means to hold your business interests front and center.

We combine superb culinary credentials, fiscal acumen, and operational expertise to offer you an inspired and seamless Corporate Catering experience at every meeting, dining space, and gala function.

Based at your offices and immersed in your culture, our teams will work tirelessly behind the scenes to delight employees and clients with sophisticated, contemporary, and classic dining that is delicious and nutritious – all in the interests of a happy, vital, and productive workplace.

Our people are your people, and we will do whatever it takes to get it right.

To talk to us about how New Bhojon can be the Best Caterers for your Corporate Parties in Kolkata, contact Mr. Goutam on 09231 9797 49,

Kolkata’s leading Caterers for Corporate Parties

Providing the world’s leading Corporate Party Catering with seamless front and back-of-house guest services, our people are your people, and their professionalism, rigorous standards of excellence, and service ethos are part of your business guests’ experience from first welcome and throughout every touch point of their interaction.

Concierge – Our concierge professionals are your in-house team, creating solutions for your executives and clients that allow you to focus on your best business performance.

Reception – Our reception team ensures your guests are in expert hands from the moment they arrive. You can be sure we’ve identified every key moment of their journey and anticipated their needs.

We know that every meal is a special occasion, whether it’s for a conference, a gala dinner, or a wedding reception. And we understand what it takes to create extraordinary dining, finely executed in every detail, and in the perfect setting.

New Bhojon has an impeccable reputation for crafting multicuisine and delivering world-class Catering Service in some of the most culturally significant venues all over India.

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