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How to choose out of the box Bengali Wedding Menu?

Bengalis love their food, whether in a wedding or in their daily lives. They are experts at culinary skills and cook up really delectable dishes with any ingredient present to them. When it comes to Bengali wedding, majority of the conversations revolving around the wedding planning is concentrated on the menu! Ask any Bengali and he will not differ. With so many culinary delicacies, setting up a Bengali wedding menu is a very difficult task. When you talk to a wedding caterer and tell him that the menu will be completely Bengali-themed, he will give you options of the items which can be included. A caterer in Kolkata has thorough idea as what items tend to be generally hit with the people at weddings. Some people have their individual preferences which they might insist on including in the menu.

Bengali Wedding Menu

When we talk of a wedding menu of a Bengali wedding, here are some things which you are almost sure to find. However, some of the items might be ‘season’ specific.

  • Koraishutir kochuri with alu dum – A stuffed puri is known as ‘kochuri’ in Bengali. This item is ‘peas kachori’ with spicy dum alu. This item is a hot favorite in the main course of the menu particularly during the winters, when peas are readily available. Usually, baby potatoes are used for the alu dum and it is spicy and very tasty.

  • Fish cutlet/fish fry – Bengalis are very fond of their fish and without fish item, no menu seems complete. When you talk to a wedding caterer, make sure that you ask them about the fish items. Fish fry or fish cutlet with salad and the quintessential ‘kasundi’ (mustard sauce) is definitely lip-smacking. Guests gorge on this delicacy at any wedding.
Fish cutlet/fish fry
  • Fish paturi – As per a reputed caterer in Kolkata, another fish item, which is quite a popular choice with people at weddings is that of fish paturi. Different kinds of fish can be used for this dish – Hilsa and bhetki are popular choices. It is a steamed dish in which fish pieces are marinated in various spices (mustard, chili, salt, turmeric etc.) and then is steamed while wrapping the pieces in plantain leaves. This dish is a delicacy with Bengalis any day.
Fish Paturi
  • Chaanar kofta curry – This is kofta made from cottage cheese and is a vegetarian dish. This is an authentic Bengali dish and is included in many Bengali wedding menu by the wedding caterer, in the vegetarian segment. The soft and succulent kofta balls melt in the mouth and taste great with pulao.
  • Chingri Malaikari – Jumbo prawns are used for this Bengali delicacy and is a favorite dish of almost all Bengalis. When in demand, the caterer in Kolkata will arrange for the best quality prawns for this dish. A thick gravy based recipe, Chingri Malaikari is cooked in coconut milk and cream with addition of choicest condiments. Served with white rice or pulao, this item is definitely a sure hit in the menu.
  • Iilish bhapa / Chitol muithya – There are many people who want to make their wedding menu different from the rest. These two items are expensive but classic items in the menu. Iilish and Chitol are exotic varieties of fish. Ask a wedding caterer in Kolkata and he will tell you how inclusion of any of these items will surge your budget. But yes, the taste of the dishes is something that you will remember for life. People who love fish are sure to gorge on these delicacies.
  • Kacchi Biryani – The best thing about Bengali menu is that it is very open to all kinds of items. The inclusion of kacchi biryani is a perfect example in this regard. Succulent meat pieces, soft potato pieces, and flavorful rice makes a perfect combination. Any leading caterer in Kolkata has biryani in his list of items for sure. This item can become a favorite choice for younger people.
  • Kosha mangsho – Bengalis are foodies and they love treating people likewise as well. Meat items are mandatory in the wedding menu and both chicken and mutton have made a place in the menu. Mutton kosha is a delicacy on which every wedding caterer can bet safely in Kolkata. Tender and succulent mutton pieces are cooked in a thick spicy gravy. The item is a great combination with pulao, biryani as well as naan or other roti varieties.
  • Rosogolla – No Bengali wedding menu is complete without sweets. It is well-known fact that Bengal is known for its wide varieties of sweets and these are integral part of any function. And when it comes to sweets in the wedding menu, rosogolla will be ranked in the first place. Pure cottage cheese (chaana) is used in the making of this heavenly sweet, which is then dipped in transparent sugary syrup. Pop in a rosogolla and you will know the reason why this is a mandatory item in the wedding menu in Bengal.
  • Sandesh – After rosogolla, the sweet variety which is sure to win hearts is none other than the famous Kolkata ‘sondesh’. Tell your wedding caterer if you have any special preferences for sondesh as they are available in different styles and varieties. Nowadays, various kinds of fusions are also available when it comes to sondesh and any reputed caterer in Kolkata will be able to include the same in the menu.

There are innumerable other Bengali delicacies which can make their way into the wedding menu.

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